DIrty Stories

Ok ladies I want to hear some nasty stories…taboo stuff you have done…threesomes foursomes lesbian stories…forbidden stories…messed with your sister or mom or other female relative? been pissed on? whatever wild and crazy tell me about it yeah?


I should get my dick sucked right now. I want it sloppy and wet and slobber everywhere and your eyes watering!


Any pregnant females out there who r nasty? i want to fuck a pregnant pussy and drink breast milk mmmm. or have a threesome with two pregnant wet pussies mmmmm. Anyone ever done it?

Incest And Taboo

Someone tell me some nasty incest stories they have either done or have heard about!


I wanna get fuckin nasty right now! Im Hornyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!


I want all the nasty details! ok ladies how many of u have done stuff with your sister, cousin, mom, aunt, etc??

Nasty Shit

Tell me some nasty shit! Taboo. The nastiest things you can think of!!

Nasty Stories

i wanna hear some nasty freaky stories! the nastier and more taboo and forbidden the better!!


Ok people i wanna hear some nasty ass taboo stories. Incest? Beastiality? Pissin? Shittin? nastier the better!!


Any ladies out there ever do anything sexually with ur sister or mom or any female relative? give me nasty details